Blanket Racks : Quilt & Luggage Rack

Blanket racks and quilt racks are an excellent way to store blankets. Blanket racks are often used as a valet stand. Our blanket rack collection is available in many finishes such as oak cherry or white blanket racks and quilt racks.

Whether your using the blanket rack as a mens valet stand, a quilt rack, or to store blankets, you'll be happy with the quality construction of this bedroom blanket racks stand. Shop below for blanket, quilt, and luggage racks.

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Holly & Martin Bolton Iron Blanket Rack
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Sale Price: $59.99
Wood Blanket Rack Stand - Quilt Rack in Walnut
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Sale Price: $52.99
Powell Cherry Blanket and Quilt Rack Stand
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Sale Price: $49.94
Powell Blanket Rack Stand - Nostalgic Oak Blanket Racks
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Sale Price: $38.00
Unfinished Quilt Rack - 52390 International Concepts
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Sale Price: $54.95