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When you are feeling sick of the look of your house and ready for a change but can?t quite afford to upgrade furniture, there is a quick and easy solution that won?t cost you an arm and a leg. Change the lighting. Whether you add a single accent lamp or add completely new track lighting, switching up the lights in a room can give it a whole new feel without the added price tag. Here are some simple ideas for a quick lighting update that can be done in any room. 1. Add a new accent lamp. Accent lamps are a simple and affordable way to change the look of a room. Every spot from the living room end tables to the reading corner to the bedroom nightstands could be a potential location for an accent lamp. They come in virtually every size and in every style of decor so you are bound to find one that?s perfect for your space. The best part about accent lamps is that you can definitely find them for under $100, making them an extremely affordable upgrade. 2. Update an old set. If a couple hundred dollars to replace your living room lamp set is just too much for your budget right now, you can try updating your existing lamps and save a whole bunch of money. Try buying a basic lamp base?you can find these for as cheap as ten bucks?and jazz it up with a beautiful shade. You can find these anywhere and this also allows you to customize your lamps perfectly. Likewise, you could keep your shades and simply replace the base of your existing lamps. Mixing and matching your own lamps is a great way to save money. It?s a bit more work but worth the effort and savings in the end. 3. Go for drama. One of the most dramatic ways to update a dining room is to add a gorgeous drop chandelier. There are hundreds of options on the market, allowing you the freedom to choose if you want to dress up your space or keep it casual. Choose from elegant glass drops, rustic wrought iron work, or clean and sleek pendant lighting. No matter what the look, adding a new chandelier to your dining space is an easy and affordable way to change the entire look of the room. 4. Make it modern. Another great way to change to look of any room is to give the lighting a little modern update. Adding track lighting to a kitchen can instantly update the space, just as putting a funky, modern desk lamp in your office space will. From floor lamps to pendant lights to wall sconces, there are many incredible modern lighting options on the market, making it easy for you to give your home a chic new edge. In an economy like the one we live in today, it can be tough to justify spending thousands of dollars on upgrades to our homes. Rather than go for broke, many Americans are looking for simpler, more affordable options to give their living space the look of new without the high-ticket price to match. Changing the lighting in your home is one easy and cost-effective way to get a quick updated look.