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Accent Furniture for your Living Room | Furniture Guides

The living room is generally the marquee room in any home. It is where the guests are entertained and where the family spends a majority of their time awake. Many times it is the entry room into the house or at least one of the first rooms you will walk through. With all of these being true it is no wonder that people go to such great lengths to decorate and style their living rooms. The color always has to be perfect and the furniture must be positioned just right and we always try to keep it clean just in case some unexpected guests drop by. If are looking to give your living room a new look, or just liven it up a little bit there are a few pieces of furniture you may want to look into. Each of these pieces will have a different effect on your living room and if you feel it would work for you room or not will be completely up to you. A coffee table is the first piece we will talk about. A coffee table can not only pull a room together it can also break up any huge pieces of bare carpeting. Sometimes having a little extra space is good, but if you walk into your living room and feel like it is completely empty, try adding a coffee table to the center of the room. With this in place you can add a centerpiece to the table to connect the table with the wall decor or just have a few books or magazines out that your guests can look through. You obviously don't want your table to be too big or too small. A small table will just seem out of place in a big room and large table simply uses up too much space. Generally speaking you don't want a table longer that your couch, particularly when the coffee table will be placed in front of it, which is standard. And you should have ample walking room all the way around it. Add some coasters to the table too, just to protect the surface if some brings drinks into the living room. The next piece is an end table, or two. These are much smaller tables and are usually placed on either end of the couch or love seat or next to a chair. They allow a place for a lamp, a magazine or a book or even a glass when you have company. These little tables will probably be a little taller than the coffee table and not nearly as large. You won't want them to actually protrude into the living room space, so no longer than your couch or chair wide. Adding a lamp or picture to these tables will give your living room the accent and personal touch you will want. The final piece of accent furniture for your living room would be a floor lamp. These lamps come in hundreds of different styles, colors and sizes. Generally they will be about six feet or so and have different shades, if they even have shades. You will want to pick a style that matches the feel and look of your room. You will also want to determine how much light you will want for your room before selecting a lamp and where you want the lamp to shine. Some lamps will shine light straight on to the ceiling or the floor, while some shine up the walls or are directional, meaning you can point them wherever you want. Choose wisely, but have fun with it. These are just a few tips on some accent furniture for your living room. You can modify and change it however you want or need to for your particular room. Just enjoy the space that you have and make it fit your personality.