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Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary | Furniture Buying Guides

When retiring to your bedroom, it should feel like a place you can always be comfortable and secluded from the rest of the house. Everyone needs time to themselves, if only to think about the rest of the day?s events. If your bedroom feels like a place where everyone communes, here are a few ideas on how to create a bedroom sanctuary all your own. Solitude When sleeping, you don?t want people running in and out of your room, do you? Solitude is necessary for your bedroom sanctuary to be there just for your use. Close the door, and make this time for yourself. A door is of the utmost importance, and if you do not have one, it is now time to install one. This door does not have to be equipped with a lock, but must close completely to give you the privacy you desire. Surround Yourself with Pleasance When decorating your bedroom sanctuary, find things that create a calming effect for you. If you are partial to the simplicity of Asian design, find a room divider with an Asian flair to place in a corner. If your idea of a relaxing atmosphere includes reading quietly to yourself, a bookshelf full of books that you want to read and never have should be installed. Even if you have a small bedroom sanctuary, you can still install the things that will bring you the most joy. If music is your forte, a small radio with a CD rack in the corner can bring the melodic trance of rest that you so desperately need. Regardless of your tastes, there is a decor to suit your bedroom sanctuary. Color Schemes Pleasant surroundings can be accomplished most easily with a simple coat of paint. Baby blue and beige have been scientifically proven to be calming colors. This may not be the colors you are looking for, so here are a few ideas on how to determine your room color. If you are partial to pinks, a fuchsia on the bedspreads with a pale pink on the walls will give the eye a contrast, as well as bring out any blue colors in pictures around the room. If you are partial to blues, a midnight blue on the walls with white accents such as pillows or an ecru bedspread will even out the tone to be one deserving of your sanctuary. If you like the color red, go with a brick red on the walls with fire engine red accents on the dresser and bedspread. This will give the overall feeling of depth in the room and will create a romantic setting as well. Decor When deciding what to put on the walls, there are so many choices. If your bed has no headboard, now is the time to think about painting a design at the head of the bed to create the illusion of one. Simple 4 inch by 4 inch boxes of alternating color will create the look of a headboard. Wall sconces with simple tea lights or pictures of family members may complete the overall look of your bedroom sanctuary.