In Between the Big Pieces: Decorating with Occasional Furniture

You've got the living room of your dreams. A beautiful sectional sofa, comfy armchair and chic entertainment center. So why does the room feel so empty? Decorating with occasional furniture pieces is a wonderful way to fill in empty spaces while enabling you to add a splash of style that represent who you really are. For everything from end tables to coat racks to ottomans, there are a plethora of perfect occasional pieces just waiting to be discovered. Here are just a few examples of occasional pieces that could enhance your living space:

Coffee Table—The coffee table has become quite standard in the American home and is one of the easiest ways to accent your living room. Traditionally made lower than a typical table, a coffee table is the perfect height for a sofa or low sitting area. Coffee tables come in a variety of styles from contemporary brushed steel to rustic dark wood to decorative shadow box. Whether you want a storage solution or an artful accent, a coffee table can provide a much-needed decorative boost to a room. Bookshelf: Adding a bookshelf to a room can provide a touch of sophistication and grace to your home. A bookshelf is also a great way to create a functional display area in a room. More than just books, a shelf can be used for decorative accents, glassware, and even picture frames. Whether stand-alone or built-in, a bookshelf is a perfect occasional piece for anyone looking to add a little character to any room.

Ottoman—Traditionally an ottoman was used as simply a place to rest your legs. Nowadays the ottoman often doubles as a footrest and a storage unit. Many ottomans are built to open on top to provide a space for holding a blanket, pillows or any other small items. In materials like solid wood, leather and plush fabric, ottomans are a wonderful way to accent a room while providing a splash of style.

Cocktail Table—A fairly new addition to the occasional furniture family is the cocktail table. An extremely useful piece, the cocktail table provides a place to store bar items and table linens while giving guests a place to place their drink. Whether it's kept in a dining room or a kitchen, a cocktail table is the perfect accent for any living space. End Tables—Nothing accents a beautiful sitting area like a pair of strategically placed end tables. End tables provide a neat place to place a drink or even to hold a carefully chosen decorative piece. Often available as a matching set with coffee tables, end tables come in countless styles to fit in with your room. Many even have shelving and drawers for an added storage feature.

By no means does this list encompass all of the occasional furniture that is available. Also included are coat racks, television units, baker’s racks and kitchen islands. Occasional pieces provide perfect solutions to the empty spaces that exist in your home. With so many great options, you are bound to find an occasional piece to fit your lifestyle!

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