Crib Mattress, Toddler Bed Mattress, Foam Crib Mattress

So you have your baby crib and are looking for a durable crib mattress to complete the crib. You want a baby crib mattress that is comfortable for your baby. Selecting a safe crib mattress for your infant is the top priority.

Choose a crib mattress that is firm rather then soft. At first you might think that soft is more comfortable. However, babies and infants must have a solid firm support surface as they can't lift their heads while sleeping. Most crib mattresses are the same size as a toddler bed so you can convert your crib mattress to a toddler mattress.

If possible look for an anti-microbial crib mattress that resists germs from diaper accidents. A foam crib mattress or coil spring mattress are both equally safe. You may however find the foam mattresses to be lighter and easier to lift up. Select below from our Crib Mattress selection for your baby or toddler.

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