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Going Green In The Home | Furniture Buying Guides

Now more than ever there is a global push to "Go Green." Cars are becoming more eco-friendly, factories are getting cleaner and energy is being sourced alternatively. But what about in the home? Here are 4 easy ways that you can go green in furniture and do your part to help our planet remain the beautiful home it is. 1. Buy furniture made with sustainable wood. Sustainable wood is wood harvested from forest that are carefully managed or wood that has been reclaimed from old buildings or furniture. Wood that is truly sustainable is in no way negatively impacting the environment or stripping a forest of its most precious commodity: trees. As it becomes more and more popular, it is easier to find sustainable wood furniture. Check the labels and materials of your product and ask where you can find sustainable furniture. You can get just about every piece of furniture for the home in a sustainable form, often at a reasonable price. 2. Look for recycled material furniture. Another popular trend in an eco-friendly home is the use of recycled material in furniture. Many companies are now offering entire lines of furniture made out of previously used materials. Everything from plastic to metal to wood can be recycled and reused to create beautiful and functional furniture pieces. Read carefully to be sure that the materials are truly recycled and you can add a little green to your living space. 3. Get more durable furniture. One of the easiest ways to get green in the home is to buy pieces of furniture that are going to last. When shopping for a new living room set, consider buying a more durable couch that will last years rather than one that is going to need replacing. Also, reconsider tossing old pieces. Sometimes, simply applying a fresh coat of paint or stain can bring life back into an old tired piece. Also, think about reupholstering your old armchair rather than getting rid of it altogether. And if you must have new, look into donating your old furniture to a family in need or a college-age friend furnishing an apartment. Finding a new home for your old things is a simple and fulfilling way to go green. 4. Check out bamboo. Did you know that bamboo can grow up to a foot a day? This fact makes it one of the greenest materials to work with. Because it is so quick to grow, it is easy to farm and replace bamboo without depleting the crop. Bamboo also happens to be a beautiful woody material that can withstand weather and wear and tear. Bamboo makes for a great outdoor furniture material and you can feel good knowing that you are using a material that is fast-growing and highly sustainable. Consider bamboo the next time you are in the market for an outdoor furniture set. The hottest trend in furniture today is the push to go green. For many people it is not just a fad but a way of life. Helping to save our planet is just one of the amazing benefits of green furniture. You can also provide a safer living environment for you and your family, save some money and give your home a beautiful and mind-comforting face-lift. Check out the green furniture options the next time you are in the market for some furniture. You will be amazed at how easy it is to "Go Green" at home.