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Handy Living Recliner Sofas, Sofa Beds & Convert a Couch to Sofa Bed

When you need more functional furniture that still looks great, look no further than the Handy Living line of Recliner Sofas, Sofa Beds, Convert-a-Couch and recliner furniture. The Handy Living line delivers uncompromising style and comfort in each piece of high quality furniture they create. Forget the old pull-out couch with its heavy bed that is often back-breaking to open up. With a Convert-A-Couch or Studio Sofa from Handy Line, your fashionable couch can be easily unfolded into a comfortable bed that will have your guests talking long after their visit. Above all, each piece of furniture from Handy Living is stylish yet plush, and always finely crafted for maximum durability.