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Attention Long Lasting Patio Furniture

It?s that time of the year again?the thermometer begins to rise, the buds are on the trees, and the garden needs your attention. You know what this also means?it?s time for you to pull your patio furniture out of storage, dust it off, and set it up. Are you sick of that uncomfortable, hard plastic lawn furniture you?ve had for years now? Has it faded to a color so far from its original that you can?t even remember what color it was when you bought it? Is your wicker furniture beginning to look like it?s weathered one too many family picnics? Either way, you know that your outdoor space is in need of an overhauling. Regardless of the size, location, or layout of your space, you can have an appealing and comfortable environment with just a few key pieces of furniture and some creative touches.

For long-lasting pieces of furniture that will only get better with age, consider pieces crafted from teak. Made from an evergreen tree, teak is a hard, strong wood that lends itself well to outdoor furniture. Used originally in boat making, teak creates durable furniture that weathers well. With time, teak furniture turns a weathered grayish brown; however, due to the wood?s natural oils, it requires little or no maintenance.

Gone are the days of your grandma?s brittle wicker furniture, with white paint that requires a fresh coat each outdoor season, and branches that peel off with the years. The newest brands of wicker furniture on the market are not only durable, but also comfortable and trendy. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, they are made of real wicker and resin, so they can withstand not only the outdoor elements but also the rowdy family picnic.

Another outdoor furniture staple is wrought iron. Now painted with good base coats and a strong finishes, there?s no need to re-paint chipping pieces year after year. And with a few decorative outdoor cushions and pillows, you can add a touch that?s all your own. Be sure to buy cushions and pillows made from 100 percent acrylic fabric and polyester fill?they aren?t going to fade and are quick-drying. You can leave your cushions out all season and in all weather without worrying about having to throw them out when the season ends.

Whether you go for teak, wicker or wrought iron, keep in mind that you all you need is comfortable seating, a table to set a drink or a book on, and some well-placed accessories. Even if you don?t have a patio or deck, you can take advantage of garden pieces such as a trellis or a lattice wall, or place your furniture in a corner of your yard to define your space and give you some privacy. Consider an umbrella to provide shade and as well as a focal point to your space. A few thoughtfully placed outdoor lanterns, candles, or torches can take your space from a daytime retreat to a nighttime entertainment area. Regardless of the space you?re working with, you can turn it into a comfortable yet functional outdoor retreat that will serve you well for months to come.