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New Year, New Look | Furniture Article

With the New Year comes the desire to change, to upgrade, to make anew. This includes many facets of life from health to fitness to profession. How about home decoration? Take a look around your home. Is it time for a facelift? Could your space use a makeover? Follow these tips to create a quick update to your living space. 1) Invest in some good slipcovers. If your couch is looking ragged and a bit used, a quick and easy way to make it over is to cover it with a quality-crafted slipcover. Rather than purchasing a whole new couch or armchair, slipcovers are a simple and cheap way to keep what you already have and make it look new. There are so many beautiful choices available, you are bound to find the perfect slipcover to fit your needs. 2) Framed artwork on the walls. One of the most cost efficient and easy ways to make over your home is to take advantage of framed artwork. There are so many beautiful poster prints available and transforming them into a wall piece is as simple as finding a great frame. Frames come in a plethora of woods and finishes to accommodate any style. Also, take advantage of local artists and galleries as some of the most unique and affordable art can be found there. 3) Change up the window treatments. Yet another fast and affordable upgrade can be made with the purchase of new window treatments. Whether it is a beautiful Roman shade, a sleek panel curtain or a matching valance and curtain, changing the style and color of your window treatments can make a noticeable and positive change to your living space. Not only trendy, new window treatments can control lighting and even heat to and from the house. 4) Update the lighting to create a new look. Perhaps nothing makes for a more dramatic change to a home than the lighting. Adding a lamp to a dim living room can create vibrancy and liven up any space. Toning down harsh light in a dining room can make a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Track lighting and a few modern lamps can take any room from plain to modern chic. Available in any color imaginable, lamps and lighting can transform any room in no time. 5) Accentuate the positive. The beauty is in the details when it comes to home decor. Accenting your large pieces with small decorative touches can take any home from boring to lovely. Whether it's a lamp or a vase or a candle centerpiece, decorating with accents is now easier than ever. Be careful not to overdo it however. Keep it simple with one or two great pieces as the focal point per room. Using vibrant colors in your accents can be a wonderful way to brighten up any space, but neutrals are a safe bet for any novice decorator. Using these quick tips for decorating, it is possible to update your home's look without the hefty bill. Keep in mind while redoing a space that sometimes less is more. Just a quick update?a fresh coat of paint, a few new throw pillows, a shiny set of cabinet fixtures?can make a world of difference in a room. Choose a few simple touches for your home to start the New Year in a fresh and innovative style!