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Have you ever thought about investing in a home theater? There is no better time than now to consider creating your very own home theater and with a little research and some simple tips you can get the home theater of your dreams at a price you can feel good about. The main purchase for your new home theater is seating. Being the bulk of the cost, you are going to want to understand all of your options and exactly where your money is going. Good theater seating can make your home theater a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone. There are many types of theater seats on the market. Think about what you want in your home theater and choose your seats based on this. For example, do you want individually standing seats or row seating, like what you would find in a theater? Individualized seats give the user a little more space to move and recline in while row seating gives that true theater feel. The type of space you have may sway your decision on which type of seats to buy. If you have the room for a stadium like theater, you may want to go with row seating to achieve the authentic feel of the movies. Alternatively, if you only have a small viewing room, individualized, movable seats may be the better choice. Once the decision of what type of seats to buy is made, there are many options and upgrades to consider that will take your movie experience from bland to amazing. For instance, built-in speakers give each guest their own individualized sound, making for a realistic movie experience. Many home theater chairs have the speakers built into the head rests, providing the very best in surround sound. The very best chairs have personalized volume adjusters to give each viewer the control over their sounds and the most customized movie experience possible. Yet another amazing option for home theater seating is the choice to add bass shaker technology. With this feature, the chair will actually shake when the bass in the movie sounds, giving the viewer another sense with which to enjoy the film. Bass shakers add a whole new dimension to the viewing and bring the movies to life in a unique and realistic way. You can experience the movies and feel the action in an exciting and unparalleled way. Finally, the small creature comforts of a home theater system can make all of the difference. Many people want cup holders at their seat. Other handy features include side pockets, connecting tables and recliners. Quality upholstery or leather seats give the ultimate in comfort and durability and provide your guests the best possible seat for what can sometimes be a lengthy amount of time. Swiveling seats and motorized recliners are also spiffy upgrades that today?s home theater seats can have. All of these little extras can only add to the home theater experience and make the movies from home more authentic and exciting. If you are considering a home theater, be sure you know about all of the amazing options in seating that are available today. Give your guests the movie watching experience of a lifetime and take advantage of some of today?s best technology. Before the opening credits can roll, you will know that your decision to have your very own home theater was a good one.