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Selecting the Perfect Wall Art for Your Home | Furniture Buying Guides

When decorating your home, wall art is an essential. Even in the midst of the family portraits and degrees, the plaques and accomplishments in your family room, there is something to be said for a good piece of art hung gracefully for all to see. Here are a few tips on how to select the perfect wall art for your home. Artistry Artistry refers to the work that was put into the piece of wall art itself. When looking for wall art for your home, it is important to look at the artistry. If you are partial to oils, look for brush strokes in the painting. This will show that it is an authentic piece of art and not a recreation by a lesser artist than who is named. Subject Matter It would not be appropriate to have nude figures hanging in a child?s bedroom, so the subject matter of the art should be taken into consideration. If this is to be hung in the family room, all will be invited to see it. So the subject matter should be one of general interest, and be inviting and pleasing to the eye. A beautiful landscape with colors that match your decor is a perfect idea for the family room. For the kitchen area, a simple fruit basket with a wine grove background would be ideal. For a child?s room, their favorite animal could be portrayed in art. Remember that all will see your wall art, so it is important that you select the perfect wall art for that room in your home. Color Schemes Many artists from before the 1800?s engage in what is called monochromatic painting. This means that the entire painting is done in one color, and many shades and hues of that color. For instance in a monochromatic painting you would find a navy blue sky with a baby blue ocean view, and sky blue birds flying overhead with teal blue streaks in the clouds in the sky. Granted, my description may not be gorgeous, but monochromaticism is now understood. You may want to opt for a monochromatic painting for a room with many focal points of color. If your family room is painted blue, but has a gray couch and white curtains with dark wood tables, there are many colors to see. This means that a monochromatic painting would help to bring out some of those colors. If monochromatic paintings are chosen, remember to follow the color rules you learned in art. Juxtaposing colors always work best together. If the painting you like is mostly red, the room it is placed in should be blues. If the painting is green, the room and accents it brings out will be orange. If the painting is purple, the room it brings out will be yellow in color. Remember that regardless of color, subject matter or the room the painting will be shown in, this is your home. The perfect wall art for your home is whatever you want it to be. If this means your grandchildren created a montage of pictures, then so be it. You should be comfortable with whatever choice you make.