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Redesign Your Yard | Outdoor Furniture

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! It?s time to transform your yard and get it ready for all of those outdoor activities you?ve been waiting for all winter long.

Your first step to prepare for summer fun is to clean up the yard from the fall and winter mess that was left behind. An unsightly yard is an unappealing yard. Call in your landscaper for a quick fix or do it yourself if you enjoy the gratification that comes along with it.

Take last seasons leaf and foliage debris and turn them into organic mulch with a compost pile. The soil created is rich in nutrients that can be put back into your garden for healthier, stronger plants. If you don?t already own a compost bin you can purchase one or make one of your own. Even most everyday kitchen scraps can be used in the pile, which will lower your overall household disposed waste as well! Now?s also the time to turn your beds, prune your hedges and start planting your flowers.

How is your outdoor living space? Is it inviting? Does it reflect your own personal style? Your yard can be so much more than grass, trees and plants, it can be a place you go to relax and entertain. You should want to feel drawn to your yard. Believe it or not but the patio furniture you have can play a major roll. Different types of patio furniture create different looks. Between plastic, metal, wicker, and wood the style possibilities are endless. Choose the style that reflects you best. Make sure you have ample, comfortable seating. Matching patio collections make decorating easy. Some even have coordinating accessories like an outdoor bar and stools.

If you have the space you can transform your yard into the ultimate living area with sofas, loveseats and coffee tables. Add a chimnea or outdoor heater to extend the use of your yard into the colder seasons.

It?s always alluring to have seating in different areas of the yard. Do you have a sunny nook for a hammock, or a shady spot for a bench? Don?t forget your poolside space! A nice chaise lounge to sun on, or just some seating in that area makes it more welcoming. If you have little or no relief from the sun at all incorporate an umbrella or pergola.

Add flair with garden accents and lighting. Water fountains, gazing balls and other sculptures add interest and character to you yard. Scatter them throughout to draw the eye in different areas. Hide that unsightly hose in a decorative box, or hang it neatly on the house with a hose holder. Planters can extend your garden to your patio or poolside. You?d be surprised by what a splash of color can do!

Lighting can be functional or create a dramatic effect. Different types of lighting create different looks. The design of the fixtures themselves and also the type of light and direction it?s cast can change the mood of your yard. Solar lights are especially easy to install and are virtually maintenance free.

Now that you?ve created a multidimensional inviting yard that reflects your own personal style, it?s time to call over your family and friends ? or just sit back and enjoy it all to yourself!