Rowe Fine Furniture | Eco-Friendly Sustainable Furniture

Rowe Fine Furniture is committed to Eco-Friendly Manufacturing. Rowe is a Founding Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and believes in responsible manufacturing for our environment and our world. Rowe has incorporated eco-friendly elements into their collections. Rowe also participates in recycling programs in their offices and in their factory floor. You can be assured that Rowe takes their role as a U.S. manufacturer seriously and that Rowe plans to be around to benefit from a cleaner environment.

Rowe follows the following internal practices:

  • The heating system for the wood frame factory, and fuel for the wood-drying kilns, is generated by burning scrap wood and sawdust
  • Rowe has considerably reduced methanol emissions (HAP's and VOC's) by switching from duplicating fluid used in making our fabric cutting patterns to using plotters and recycled paper
  • Rowe switched from a solids-based foam glue to a 2-part water based foam glue to further reduce HAP's and VOC's
  • Rowe reduced emissions (HAP's and VOC's) from their wood finishing operations by by changing from a 5-7 step process to a 4 step process

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