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Save on Furniture | Buying Guide - One Way Furniture

With every New Year you may find yourself wishing you could update the rooms in your home, but you are continually faced with the prospect that you just don't have the money to do so. With a few key ideas in mind, you can make this year the year that you can change the furniture and the feel of your home. The most important thing to keep in mind if your budget is really the driving force behind your choices, is that this can be a year-long (or longer) process, but that it can be done. You may not want to shop room by room, but rather piece by piece as you come across the best deals. Shopping online is a great way to let you not only compare styles, but also to compare prices to get the best deal. Dig deep because you may find that there are several comparably priced items being sold on a few sites, but one of those sites may offer the added incentive of free shipping. Choosing who to purchase from then becomes a no-brainer. If you aren't afraid to mix-and-match pieces for a more eclectic feel, then don't be afraid to also shop in the clearance sections of stores. You might find that there are pieces normally sold in sets that are now being sold as single items on clearance, and these pieces can become integral accent pieces in your home. You might also fall in love with a certain piece of furniture that is being sold at a great price, but it doesn't exactly fit the style of the rest of your room. Think creatively in those situations. Would the room actually benefit from a mixture of pieces rather than the same style throughout? Or can you take those unmatched pieces and add a few key items such as a coat of paint or a slipcover to bring more cohesion to the space? Another way to save on your home furnishings is to mix old and new. Take stock of what you currently have, and determine what is worth keeping. Try to think from the standpoint of durability and not sentimentality. As previously mentioned, those pieces you do keep may only need a few updates to give them a more modernized feel. Then you can shop carefully for a few key pieces that will give your room a entirely new feel. You'll find that you it's easy to have the updated room you've been waiting for when you realize that you can have it without having to wait until you win the lottery!