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Sports with Style: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Sports-Themed Room

For the truly die-hard sports fan, there is only one way to show your true colors in your home: with a custom-tailored sports room. The perfect place to enjoy the game, reminisce about plays gone by, or gather for a drink, a sports-themed room doesn't have to be a weird assortment of leftover pieces of furniture. Today's sports rooms are a stylish and coordinated effort to display with pride all that your favorite team means to you. Follow these simple tips to make the most out of your sports-themed room. Choose your colors wisely. Let your sports room reflect your teams colors by choosing items based on the teams official shades. Everything from wall color to pillows to throw rugs can show your spirit. So maybe your favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. Rather than paint your walls that bold shade of turquoise or orange, choose accent pieces that reflect your teams colors. A carefully placed purple lampshade can be much more appealing than an entire wall of that color. Whatever team you love, show off your pride by keeping with their color scheme. Shop for team logo furniture. For the ultimate sports fan, there are many wonderful furniture options on the market. You can find everything including couches, recliners, ottomans and bed frames, all adorned with your teams colors and logo. For any sport and for any team, there are many stylish and comfortable pieces just waiting to make your sports room complete. You can even get your sports team furniture customized to display your favorite players name and number. Show your loyalty and add some style to your sports room with amazing team logo furniture. Make it comfortable. The bottom line for your sports room is that it should be a place where you and your friends and family can come to relax and appreciate the atmosphere. Make the room an inviting and livable place by have plenty of seating, maybe a TV for the game or even a bar area for enjoying a drink. Whatever you plan to use your sports room for, you will want it to be a welcoming place for guests and company. Good lighting and a comfortable place to relax can add to this feeling. The more comfortable the room, the more use you will likely get out of it. Show off your own sports achievements. Having a sports-themed room is not only a great way to display pride for your favorite team, it is also a great way to display pride in your own sports accomplishments. Get out that bowling trophy or the medals you won for golf. Create an area in your sports room for your own personal accomplishments or those of your children. It can be a great way to display your items and a wonderful conversation starter. Buying a glass curio cabinet for displaying your vintage baseball cards, trophies and other valuable sports memorabilia is a wise investment for any sports room. Have fun. The bottom line when creating a sports-themed room is to have fun with it. Add your own personal flair and make it a place where you want to be. No matter what your team or what sport you love, a customized sports-themed room is a great way to bring together your friends, family and loved ones over the games and sports you all enjoy.