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How To Buy Unfinished Bar Stools

Unpainted Bar Stools - Frequently Asked Questions
Why buy unfinished Bar furniture?
QUALITY - See the character of real wood in its natural unpainted state, as well as the quality of workmanship. Unfinished bar stools is both affordable and durable, it value enhances with time. Customize - Mix and match styles colors to create unique finishes on your bar stools. You can customize any finish with paint or stain to create uniques finishes on your barstools. What is the differences between different woods on bar stools?
Unpainted furniture is made in many types of wood, each with unique characteristics. Since each tree has its own grain patterns and character markings, each unfinshed bar stools is quite unique. What type of wood bar stools do you carry?
We carry a wide selection of both finished and unfinished bar stools in a variety of styles and sizes. You can customize your bar furniture by combining different styles with finishes that blend well together. Can new bar stools be stained to match my existing bar furniture?
Absolutely! You can choose your favorite stain at a local hardware store. Try a few different colors to see which blends best with your existing bar furniture. First perform a test on the bottom of the bar stools to make sure the finish is appropriate. Once you are satisfied with the color you can then stain the entire stool. What steps are involved in finishing bar stools?
The finishing process can be as simple or complex as you choose, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. From a basic stain and varnish procedure to more elaborate stenciled finishes, you can create a variety of custom-finished barstools that will last for generations. Where can I buy unfinished bar stools?
OneWayFurniture.com specializes in a wide variety of barstools. From traditional wood oak bar stools to contemporary unpainted bar stools, you will find a wide selection of bar furniture to choose from.