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Using Wicker in Home Decor | Furniture Buying Guides

Once hugely popular, wicker furniture is coming back into style and with some modern updates and changes, items no wonder so many are choosing to bring wicker back into their home. Check out these tips and tricks for making wicker work for you. Choose your space wisely. Wicker is certainly a unique look and is not appropriate for every room in the home. Traditionally saved for the patio or porch, wicker slowly made its way into dens and even kitchens across America. Carefully placed, wicker can work just about anywhere, so long as the decor matches and flows. Try using wicker in light places, sunny rooms or spots where the decor is airy and summery. A breakfast nook could support a wicker bench just as a cottage-themed bedroom could keep a wicker ottoman. Make sure that wicker is placed in moderation in the house; an entire dining set with be overkill in a small dining room. Consider saving big pieces for an outdoor patio or deck. Think about wear and tear. Known to be a more delicately made furniture option, wicker can be prone to breaking or snapping. Therefore, it should only be placed in areas of light use or where it will be safe from serious wear and tear. Avoid children's bedrooms or high traffic living rooms for wicker and you can maintain a longer life span of your pieces. Painted wicker can easily chip if worn and snaps or breaks may be common. Luckily, wicker can be fixed and patched fairly easily, but care should be taken to keep your piece looking new. Consider new materials. Due to the fading quality of traditional wood wicker, there have been many recent updates on the material that can extend the life of your furniture and make it easier to maintain. Some of the more popular materials being used today include plastic, vinyl and even PVC. The latter material produces an extremely sturdy and fairly inexpensive alternative while maintaining the classic wicker look. Usually easier to clean, the new plastic versions of wicker can withstand weather, use and neglect much better than traditional wicker, making them a popular alternative. Available in swings, ottomans, couches and chairs to name a few, wicker furniture has always been a favorite for people looking to bring a taste of summer into the home. With so many wonderful wicker options, the versatile material can make its way into nearly every room in the home and can enhance the look of any living space. Remember that wicker needs to be cared for just as any other piece of furniture, with regular dusting and cleaning a must. Often, a damp cloth or a quick vacuuming is enough to keep dirt and grime from gathering. There are also wonderful glues and sealers available for splits and cracks in wicker, making the life of your piece even longer. In the event of an irreparable break, you may wish to have your piece rewoven or even replaced by one of the modern alternatives. Either way, wicker is a beautiful way to bring a little summer into your living space.